In the ai or pdf file Images need to be of high-quality Uncompressed 300 dpi resolution, 8 bit, Good resolution images will be accepted Only CMYK color mode and perfect font outline need to be provided by you.


We send press digital files via email. If you need a hard copy we will send you extra charges. Moreover, for physical proof, we will require PMS colors or the previously ordered boxes. PMS color is used on paper boards either they are coated or uncoated.


Resolution should always between 150 Dpi and 300 Dpi. These are maximum and minimum ranges at the final 100% size. Don’t use low-resolution pictures and images.


As told only CMYK colors are acceptable. If you provide any other color, like Pantone or RGB we change it, but while shifting the colors it can appear a bit different. Therefore, before finalizing any artwork we suggest you read all the process that is used by us for


Bleeds are done if all the sides are in white but it is not compulsory all the time. We ask you to read our file preparation before finalizing bleeds for your final artwork and design. Claws Custom need 0.125″ bleed around the perimeter of your artwork for accurate cutting


A high resolution for your image is very important. We recommend 300 dpi resolutions for your image. Dpi means dots per inch. If there are more dots per inch, it gives a clear and sharper look to the picture. Your files need to be 300 dpi if it’s not


Normally we need 300 dpi resolutions but it depends on the nature of the files. For example for big posters and banners we recommend 12000 dpi also. The sharper the resolution, the better the printing result would be. ( can be expected).


It is crucial to receive all fonts used in your layout. If you are unable to provide us fonts in your artwork file, we request you to resubmit the file with accurate fonts. If your file is missing fonts, open your file in Illustrator, select “Create Outlines“, save fonts,