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Category: How To Order

Our company sorts all the boxes into different categories so that customers’ could book their orders in less time and get the quotation without surfing so much on the net. To minimize the distraction of the customers, three options are available on the site with the name;

  • By style box
  • By industries
  • Custom style boxes

First, you have to log in to our page, then you will be able to make all sorts of changes for getting the desired size and shapes of the boxes.

By Style, boxes are those boxes which showcase all the designs done by our expert team. In these boxes, you can make your personal choices by getting a login on the page. You will get free die line designs here.

Next is by industries all the products are chosen here by the team of technical and sales professionals who offers you free die line and designing. Our skillful professionals work with you till the end, so that your dream comes true and you find good packaging solutions here. You will see different options to select from like size, color, dimension, and style, and when you will opt the desired or required one you will get the price, cost, and quantity side by side. You can save the changes and put them in the cart for later use.

The third one or the last one is custom style boxes; here you can select only length and width as these custom boxes do not come in the cube or other suchlike shapes. You have to select the options, save them, and put them in the shopping cart. You can reserve them for later usage in this way.

Category: How To Order

After finalizing artwork and die line designing you can imagine that you have covered a long milestone and reached the final step now.

If you have saved your quotation, then now you have to move on the shopping cart page, from there you can check your reserved data or quotation, you can edit the file and can make changes, and you can add your desired artwork or the styling you need. Then press “check out”.

Now it’s almost done, your order has been registered at Claws custom pipeline list. The next responsible/ in-charge department will take the charge, after prepress and confirming everything with you, will ship your order on the registered address within 6 to 7 working days.

Category: How To Order

Your order is completed. You can go on” My account” or can check ‘My order block’. You will get all the relevant information there. You can log in on Claws custom to know further about your order.