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The exchange of gifts is a cherished tradition worldwide. People belonging to every region, country, sect, etc., consider it a nice gesture. The affection one shows towards their loved one’s ones increases through gifts. The valuable contributions act as a scent of remembrance. They show deeply felt pure emotions only. If you want to make someone feel special, you will present them with a gift.


However, the significance of gifts increases even more if they are beautifully packed. Add a personalized effect to your gifts and make your loved ones feel even more special. Claws Custom Boxes has the best variety of custom gift boxes in town.

Get custom-made gift boxes and make your loved ones feel special.

Gift Boxes Exchanging gifts is a great tradition of spreading and sending love to each other. People show their emotions and passion to their family members, friends, and loved ones by exchanging gifts. Because showing love to someone is a peculiar joy for us.

But the thing which matters a lot and makes the gift more enchanting and alluring is its wrapping and packaging. Because the delicate and mesmerizing packaging of the gift boxes will genuinely let your loved ones feel special.

Send Your True Emotions to your Loved Ones with Customized Gift Boxes

Claws Custom Boxes is a company serving for years in the packaging business. Our custom gift boxes are an accurate picture of your emotions and feelings, which you want to show your loved ones. Our gift boxes are available in every size, shape, and size.


Challenge us with your innovative ideas, and we will help you change your thoughts into reality. You can also access the gift box and convert it into luxury gift box. You can add beads, ribbons, laces, writing, etc., to it. Also, you can get it printed and colored in any design you like.

Claws Custom Boxes offers a wide range for the customization of gift boxes. The gift boxes allow customization into different shapes, styles, and color schemes. We have all sorts of gift boxes such as black gift boxes wholesale, gift boxes with ribbons, etc.


The colorful printing of the gift boxes will give them a splendid look and allure the gifts. The packages could be designed according to the theme of the event. For Christmas, the boxes could be printed in red and green color, and for birthdays you can get the Gift Boxes printed with birthday quotes and happy birthday logos.


Similarly, boxes could be designed for bridal showers and wedding gifts. Further, you can ask to decorate your boxes with accessories like butterflies, ribbons, paper flowers, glittery ropes, etc. For kids, we can print their favorite cartoon characters and bright color schemes on the boxes.


We love to make these favorite Gift Boxes for your loved ones because we value your emotions and feelings. The boxes we made are eco-friendly. The material we use to produce and manufacture the boxes is purely recyclable. Be creative with Claws Custom Boxes.

We offer the following kinds of gift boxes here:

  • Custom gift boxes
  • Small gift packaging boxes
  • Magnetic closure gift boxes wholesale
  • Foil-printed gift boxes
  • Retail gift boxes wholesale
  • Wholesale custom gift boxes
  • Gift boxes with ribbon wholesale
  • Black gift boxes wholesale
  • Luxury gift boxes with ribbon
  • Kraft gift boxes wholesale
  • Magnetic gift boxes with ribbon
  • Gift boxes with ribbon in any color
  • Collapsible gift boxes

Defense, safety, and the ability of Nature-friendliness of these Boxes:

The material used in boxes, like rigid boxes, can stand all the problems while being transported. Now you will not have to worry when sending a gift in our custom gift boxes wholesale. This is because our packaging is durable enough.

Packaging can help you save a lot of money, so this is an ingenious way to keep your budget in check. All this while the product is incredibly safe from all possible harms.

Their rigid material does not allow external factors to affect the enclosed product. For instance, no dust particles, insects, or mice invasion affects your product, and it stays safe. You can also keep your fragile items in our custom-made gift boxes.

Our gift boxes wholesale are resistant to harsh conditions such as sunlight, water, etc. These boxes also are customizable as one prefers. You can get small gift packaging boxes from us as well. We deal in all sizes, shapes, types, and colors.

With options of all types of decorations, for example, foiling, printing, embossing, etc. These boxes can make a lasting impression on your buyers. This can induce future purchasing also.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

The team at Claws Custom Boxes acknowledges the need of the hour, which is why we only opt for eco-friendly materials. Our packaging is usually kraft gift boxes. Our gift boxes are produced through a clean and green process. These boxes offer the utmost benefit of recycling as often as a brand wants. Gift packaging boxes are present in a variety of material options, that include paperboard.

These paperboard boxes are efficient in energy-saving, as they save us from the effort of manufacturing limitless boxes. Another benefit is that they are easy to make and are present in all shapes and sizes.

The material is cheap and economical. These boxes offer a soft texture and tear-free resistance, a good ability to protect the enclosed product. In addition to this, the paperboard material is lightweight. This is why these boxes are easy to carry.

Eliminate the Need for Additional Wrappings:

Custom Small Gift Boxes and wraps can also help a person be at ease and save them from the mess of using different wrapping sheets, glues, tapes, or any kind of decorative items for the packaging of gift items. These simple yet trendy gift cases make the perfect option for birthdays, anniversaries, and other personal and cooperative celebrations. Any company without investing too much can afford these wraps.

These are budget-friendly and easily accessible. These boxes also can instantly attract customers with their attractive display and elegance. The minimal appearance of the box can be left as it is or adorned using some finishing techniques.

These packs are also customizable, so you can add or deduct things you want. Customers set the worth of a product through visual decisions. This is the reason their visual presentation is also essential.

Enhance your business with our gift boxes

Our wholesale gift boxes are also available at reasonable rates. Not only regular customers get their gift boxes ordered from us. But the major gift shops also get the packaging from us. Our custom gift boxes are so captivating that anyone would want to instantly buy them.

The importance of our gift boxes can be measured by the fact that people are more interested in the packaging than the gift itself. If you want to boost your sales, you will also have to focus on its packaging.

Flexibility in Prices

Claws Custom Boxes never comprises on its quality. Our prices are indeed less than what others offer. However, this does not mean that we have a setback quality. Our favorite packaging company has always been because of our reasonable prices and good quality work. We offer error-free packaging and printing services to our valued customers at wholesale prices because we try to facilitate our customers to the maximum.

Free Shipment with the Fastest Turnaround       

With the fastest turnaround, Claws Custom Boxes is a company catering to hundreds of global clients, and we are a dominant retail business. We realize that our timely delivery is of benefit to our customers. We do not do anything that unease our customers. Not every packaging company provides free shipping.

But guess what, we do! Our every step is for the betterment of our clients. Therefore, we also do not charge any extra shipping costs. Because we value the time and money of our customers, our customer’s preference is our priority. Therefore, we do timely printing and free shipment at your doorstep in the UK before deadlines.

Call and Connect

You can avail of our customer care facility, which is working 24/7 to entertain all your queries and information regarding the packaging and printing of your custom-made Gift Boxes. We are here to answer all your questions, so you can contact us any time of the day without hesitating.

Our team of professionals will be waiting to serve you always. We are not in favor of delaying the process. Our team has always been eager to entertain the customers. We consider it our only motto to satisfy the needs and wants of the client.

The team here at Claws Custom Boxes tries to reply within 24 hours. The highly trained staff works with kindness. Our team is very cooperative. Further, you can call us at 44 116 218 3474, or you can reach us via email at