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All About Customized Lip Gloss Boxes and their Characteristics

Cosmetics is one of the daily essentials of makeup. Women use the products on regular basis. Many people usually buy makeup from expensive brands. These brands work internationally. When a brand has a name, people have many expectations from them. They expect high-standard products as well as their packaging. Brands sometimes hire custom packaging companies to design boxes for them. Sometimes, they used simple cardboard packaging. Custom-made packaging always attracts people.

Customers are keen on their packaging. Because they have an association of the brand with a specific packaging. Glass made cosmetics are mostly packaged in full packaging. For example, blush palette, eye shade pallet, and lip gloss. They are very delicate. Any jerk or accidental fall can break them. As nth e whole makeup get wasted. Further, lip gloss is glossy makeup. Brands prefer to make their packaging in a similar style.

Claws Custom Boxes Company

The best company, working in the packaging industry is the Claws Company. As they have great expertise in packaging. They are designing boxes for every category of use. From cosmetics to delicate items like candles. And from apparel boxes to jewelry boxes. The major expertise of the company lies in the cosmetic field. As they are very efficient in designing makeup boxes especially custom lip gloss boxes. Brands do contract with them on yearly basis. And the company never disappoints them. They upgrade their packaging styles and material regularly. So they make use of boxes of different materials. Mostly, they use Kraft boxes for packing the cosmetics.

When a brand initially contacts them for designing packaging boxes. After noticing the details they design a sample for them that has no charges. Once the client approves it, then they proceed with the order further. But if the client is not satisfied yet. They design the samples again.

Custom packaging boxes

The packaging companies make and design the boxes with specific dimensions. Also, the dimensions are the same. So that the lip gloss doesn’t get out of the packaging. It remains stable inside the box. After that, they provide a flip on the box. That people use to close the box. They make slim-fit boxes. So that the product fits in properly. And it doesn’t leak. The packaging material they use is hard. That means it does not get crushed by hand easily. It remains in its actual form. They even design a small paper holder inside the box. The purpose is to again fit the product. The boxes are made with a thick layer of cardboard sheets. They can even make thin ones. But when talking about the standards of the product. Then it is preferable to make it in a thick sheet.

They design the boxes beautifully. Once a person sees its outer look they are amazed by the packaging. They use attractive shades of paint and crazy font styles. Sometimes they use Italian font or doodle font. It depends on the demand of the brand. They then use solid colors for writing the name, brands, and other descriptions of the product. Also, they use shimmery or glossy shades to give an extra gloss effect on the packing. Like if the brand makes solid color lip gloss. Then its packaging would have a solid color description. But if it’s glossy, then the packaging would have a similar glossy shade. It helps customers to identify the type and texture of lip gloss.

Custom lip gloss boxes

Moreover, in the bottom area, they have printed a similar shade that the lip gloss has. Customers would easily know the shade inside the box. Also, they have mentioned the shade number on the packaging of lip gloss boxes. All described points are for the customer’s advantage. The brand gets the benefit when they have to stock or assemble the products at their store. Like from seeing the boxes, they would understand the types and colors of the boxes.

Next, this packaging company usually carves the brand name on the box. This helps people from purchasing the copy or fake items. When a customer, touches the packaging he would observe the name craving on the box. A fake item would only have its name printed on the box. They use various techniques in designing their packages.

  • Perforation

In this specific procedure, they make a small space or hole in the custom box. It makes it easier for them to unpack the product from the packaging.

  • Die-cutting

They cut the boxes into various dimensional ones.

Designing the outer look

Generally, they do follow a few methods of design. Like they differentiate the solid color ones from glossy ones. They often add the foils of silvery and golden shades. Also, they might utilize UV rays to make the packaging more elegant.  Secondly, they create logos, styles, and fonts creatively. They print the boxes digitally and use the offset technique too. This will make them look even and smooth. Further, they use other techniques as well. Like they might do embossing method to make the finishing look neat. And some packaging boxes use debossing methods.

They add different information to the packaging. For example, they mention ingredients or any advanced ones for the product. The use log name, any particular information regarding the product, texture of a product, etc. so that once the customer picks the product, he would get all the related information from the packaging. He doesn’t have to ask the services staff to explain to them the shade or texture etc. of the lip gloss. They design an accurate size and style of the font.

After that, they design and launch the new packaging according to the event. Like if their product is launched in December. Then they might design Christmas packaging. This attracts the customers a lot when they associate the product with a particular event.

Kraft boxes for lip gloss

Firstly, the Custom claws company uses biodegradable boxes made from cardboard. So that they are decayed in the environment after usage. They have millions of designs and colors, particularly for cosmetic boxes and product packaging. Then, they customize them according to the demand of their customers. Like, color scheme, sizes, styles, font, information, etc. as lip glosses are sensitive to warm temperatures. So the packaging of the custom boxes will keep them stable in their original condition. After huge jerks, the lip glosses bottles won’t break. Similarly, the packaging gives value to the products of the brands. It enhances their name and popularity.  The price range of these boxes is nominal. When you buy them in a great quantity you are given more concessions. At important events, they even imply discounts on the packaging.

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