Royalty Pours Down With Superb Perfume Boxes

Perfume Boxes A good packing speaks volumes. When sitting among other products, attractive labelling attracts more crowd. Though the labelling goes on the packing, there is a difference to ponder. A packing provides the base on which the labelling has to go. Thus, you can say that the packing provides the stepping stone for a fine advertisement. But where this leaves us with the importance of packing? It shows that without packing, there is no advertisement and marketing. 

Often we come across products that seem important. But their packing is equally important. Or you can say the packing has more importance than the product inside. The market is not wide for each product. Thus, finding diversity in the product is difficult. But having a good packing will differentiate out easily. Perfume is such a product that gives you the same scent but under a different name. Similarly, the packing is simple but special Perfume Boxes give a unique look. 


When you consider some products, there is only one requirement for all. For the sellers and the receivers, safety has to be at the forefront for such products. People avoid taking the caring job on their hands. That is why they leave the task on the others. But boxes enter the race and provide peace to both parties. Through boxes, your products stay safe, travel safe, and reach in the perfect shape. 

That is why, for some industries, good boxes are much important. In addition, boxes have different classes for diverse products. But their mission does not change with the products. Good advertising options, economy, and safety are some things that boxes hold dear. In perfume products, safety is of the highest order. It is because the scents are valuable because of the ingredients. If the packing is low in quality, there is no security for everything. Scents go in glass and heavy plastic bottles. And their design is thus to allow users a quick application. 

But if the box to pack them is weak or ordinary. There is ample possibility that the scent container or bottle will break down under pressure. Thus, the damage is far from just breaking. The scent in liquid form will spread out swiftly. And the money you just spend on a high-end perfume will go to waste. In this light, there is nothing short of considering boxes as your best helper. 

What to Consider in a Box? 

Often we discuss what a box gives. But sometimes, a box has to be on the mark too. It is like we keep on appreciating the box manufacturers. But often, the manufacturers also have to keep a few things in mind. 

1.      Excellent Material 

Not just boxes but all other packaging products focus keenly on their material. Without a genuinely fine material, you cannot expect the final qualities. In essence, a good material has to withstand everything a product requires. These include withstanding force, pressure, and falling. Considering this aspect, the scope of paper bags and plastic shoppers is zero for valuable products. 

2.      Diversity 

In the modern age, diversity is what every business is looking for. Many businesses have shut down with operations recently. The reason? They did not adapt over time to the market requirements. A big need is to offer the users a choice to select from. And boxes, unlike other packaging products, provide you with three basic options. 

  • Cardboard material, good for packing lightweight items 
  • Kraft material, ideal for packing items with good weight 
  • Corrugated material, best for packing heavy items with ease 

3.      Cost 

Paper bags cost the lowest among the packaging products followed by plastic shoppers. But neither of them satisfy the sellers and users for valuable products. It is because low-cost has to be justifiable. If the justification dies, then people will have to compromise. If you produce a box, there is no way you need to charge hefty amounts. Often, you will see sellers charging extra for boxes while they sell bags and shoppers for free. 

Making the Perfect Box for Perfume 

After you successfully find the best box that lies under the above categories. It is time to make your boxes in the perfect shape. By making here, we mean the customization you can do with your box. It is to allow your brand to have fine advertising space on the box. And your product can stand out among the others. 

·         Locking 

A perfume is one of those products that cannot compromise safety. If you want to pack them, having a box is the first step or a general rule. But your box needs to have a locking with some friction. This will prevent unusual openings. 

·         Size 

Your perfume bottle needs to sit in the best way. But neither it should be tightly held nor loosely moving inside. Thus, your boxes need to have a size allowing some tolerance. This makes it easier to grab the bottle swiftly and place it back safely. 

·         Padding 

There are two ways to include padding in your Perfume Boxes. Either you can use soft cotton to fill the space around the perfume bottle. Or you can make a cornered structure inside the box using the same box material. The latter is common padding found in all boxes for perfumes. 

·         Rigid Base 

Though boxes for perfumes carry the auto-locking design. But one aspect or trait stands out in these boxes. The base part does not open up at all. It is either mingled to the other half part. Or you will see the glue in the base. Both scenarios allow extra protection for the bottle inside. 

·         Container Portion 

As an additional design, you can introduce a container portion in your box. This portion has extruded portion exactly the size and shape of the bottle. It is to place the bottle within it. Such a design is only an attractive way to sell. Often, these designs come in perfume boxes intended for gifts. 

·         Branding 

Finally, you have to promote your brand too. Make ample use of the space of the box. But the front side of the box needs to have only the logo or the product name. Try to include necessary information at the back only. 

·         Finishing 

A finishing or wrapping of the box is common these days. You can cover the box entirely with matte or gloss paper. Or you can tie a ribbon just for a sleek and elegant look. 

Custom Boxes Is the Key to Marketing in 2022

Diversity is great from the perspective of sellers and buyers. It also shows the arsenal you possess for your products through your brand. And this diversity makes your brand click among other competitors. Often, we misunderstand the meaning of differentiation. And we consider it an act of arrogance. But if you appear and provide the best, it is not arrogance. When boxes emerged for the first time, they looked simple and sleek. For most, they did not get any appraise and approval. But now, people consider boxes as the main source of packaging. 

Moreover, the diversity in the packaging industry has led to different boxes on the scene. Each box carries a different name and thus offers something unique. For this, you will never find another diverse packaging product. Although paper bags and plastic shoppers have wide acceptance. But their negatives make them something only good for a bigger picture. Whereas through the boxes, you find endless possibilities and powers that you can enjoy. And this methodology or phenomenon is known as Custom Boxes


Simply, the name comes from customization which refers to power, at least for me. For me, customization is the best thing that one can enjoy. Wherever the opportunity arises, you just have to present yourself with the tool kit. And mostly it seems a fun thing too. Recently, the world is experiencing inflation and economic crises. But only the smart ones seem happy with their business. The primary reason is that they know how to improve their reputation and that of their brand. 

Many brands, especially in Asia, now promote themselves and their brand by wall painting. Although we see their ads on TVs and signboards wall painting is unique. But why they have taken this step? It is because they want to keep an easy and economic marketing door always open. Wall painting on the roadside is a fun thing as well as extremely budget-friendly. With the right person, the outlook will look brilliant too. 

The same technique goes into the packaging industry. Manufacturers produce ordinary boxes or boxes that contain a simpler look. Hence, the sellers and the brands then adapt the boxes to their needs and requirements. The boxes then undergo designing and stylizing and the final product seems remarkable. Customization and diversity go hand in hand. And this partnership opens the doors to economic marketing and advertising. This New Year, you need such boxes that carry meaning to them as well as the powers that your business needs. 

Identifying Materials 

Considering boxes as a great packing source is one part of the debate. The next important decision for you is to determine which materials which make the best box for you. If you run a brand, it is easy for you to know the quality of the products you produce. If you produce diverse items, select diverse boxes for them. But this diversity of differentiation requires key input from you. And that is in the form of materials that the boxes use. 

·         Cardboard 

A new brand or company cannot afford to spend big on packing. Thus, they can rely on cardboard material for the initial phases. But once it expands, it will need to upgrade from this material too. Cardboard is great for making lightweight boxes. The panels or sheets do not carry weight and thus there is low stiffness. Consequently, you can pack lightweight items in such a box with ease. The primary and abundant use of such boxes comes in the stationery and cosmetic industries. 

·         Kraft 

When you decide to expand the brand, import kraft material for boxes. It is because when you expand, you improve your product’s quality. And this improvement also demands good boxes. Kraft has good strength than cardboard. Hence, you can pack items and goods that carry good weight in these boxes. Such material has a great shiny surface which appeals to the customers more. Any branding on it will feel like additional work!

·         Corrugated 

Such a material is a dream for most brands and sellers. It is because the boxes from this material can hold and contain almost all weights easily. Thus, you will see these boxes with transporting and shifting service providers a lot. The material panels consist of three layers, with a centre supportive layer. This centre layer is wavy is known to absorb any load or weight you impart. Thus, products in these boxes remain safe for most parts and against heavy pressures. 

Considering the basics of these materials, it is easy for you to select one.

Advertising Strategy 

From the customization ability to the material selection, you have studied a lot. But a special input remains from my side. Though you now know what benefits a box carries. The primary benefit is the ability to advertise through them. But this is not swift. Thus, we have some useful tips for you regarding advertising strategy.

1.      Beware of the Size 

Size is the only dimension where boxes either go sky-high or go into the dump. A useless box only carries one flaw and that is a poor size. Often boxes have a large size while they hold a small product. And thus, the product rolls in the box for a long and is eventually damaged. A good and adequate size is the first important step. 

2.      Suitable Design 

We know you all love style and designs. But diversity also requires you to be sensible and presentable. Different manufacturers produce poor designs just to look diverse. But your brand needs to look presentable and elegant. Thus, make sure to select a good design when looking for stylish boxes. 

3.      Windows 

Not every box favours a window and not every product feels good with a window. If you want to advertise in a good way, make sure you know when to include a window in your box. Often, food items come without a window in the box. But other items such as cosmetics and electronics carry a viewing space.

4.      Locking 

Security has wide dependence on the locking system of your box. All we want is a rough surface that carries some friction. Such a design and system will allow your box to have tight packing and locking. And this will keep your items safe for a long. 

5.      Branding 

Advertising is not possible without any brand information on the box. And improper branding will lead to negative advertising. Hence, your box does allow you to stylize and design. But make sure you do not overdo the front side a lot. Only include the logo and an image of the product or its name. Try to elaborate at the back.

6.      Finishing 

Boxes sell faster when they carry some finishing at the end. While your box carries good advertisement and branding, a finishing will do more. For instance, a rough box appeals less than the one with a matte finish. Or if you can include a gold or silver foiling, it will look royal.  

For many, 2021 was a tougher year, especially for businesses. But do not start 2022 with a bad impact. Make use of the Custom Boxes methods and improve your market strength!

Fine Makeup Boxes Are The Need Of The Day

In modern times, diversity is available in everything we see and observe. It gives us the impression as well as the option to look out for the best thing. Something that will fit along with our purpose and fulfil the needs we carry. Hence, brands and manufacturers know that the competition is tough in every field. It is necessary to develop and devise new plans and methods to revive their business. Alongside diversity, another key element is to fit the purpose of the products. Thus, the packaging industry is constantly improving ways to make customer appreciation their top priority. 

For this, Makeup Boxes offer some diversity as well as purpose fulfilment. Moreover, these boxes offer the cosmetic industry some extra tools to market their products too. In essence, you will find loads of designs as well as styles so your box looks different throughout. However, it is the key to understanding that why such boxes do not lose their demand. It is because each box material and type fulfils a specific purpose. But boxes on the whole cover every aspect for which they have expertise. This is why a few industries only rely on boxes to pack and market their products. 


When we hear or see a few cosmetic items, we always tend to make our minds regarding their use. It is not a bad thing because such products have limited use. Whereas once you view the full product catalogue, you will feel these products cover almost all of the earth! But it is not the case. And this is what the cosmetic industry earns its money from. Diversity is always introduced when the product selling and attractiveness is not on point. It also reflects that your product is not reaching the heights it must. 

For this, top brands and some genius managers convert a large product into sub-categories to offer uniqueness. Although the primary objective and type remain the same but minor uses differ. Hence, people indulge in a world where everything is different and unique as well as does not resemble the other. However, it is a trick and a gimmick the industries follow. But such diversity and differentiation also need a vast set of boxes to cover and pack them. 

In addition, more products will require more packing options. And thus, they will require more stacking space. Without a proper packaging product, there is not a single objective you can meet apart from production. Hence, packaging product selection is the second-most tougher task after product manufacturing. And this is the step where industries earn their reputation and sales. And there is only one industry that cannot live without boxes i.e. the cosmetic industry.

Box Types 

This section does not highlight different box types by styles and designs. Rather it guides you that if you possess some products you wish to market and sell. Then you need to consider a few box types based on the materials that make them. Generally, each box for packing items makes use of three common materials. These materials differ in strength and stiffness however the cost factor remains easy for the customer. 

  • Cardboard material is the common material for making boxes. From easy availability to low cost, this material is enough to overshadow other packing items. However, such material only packs and contain lightweight items. It is the result of low stiffness it has to provide the products inside. 
  • Kraft material has wide importance, especially for cosmetic products. With more rigidness, it allows a decent weight inside it with ease. Moreover, such a box has to offer a good packing option at the same low cost which the customer can afford. But this material makes boxes which are unable to carry heavy items. However, the improvement from cardboard material is good. 
  • Corrugated material is the best one when packing heavy items. The boxes from this material easily pack any item you want to. Moreover, the strength is immense that is the result of three layers each panel contains. Binding material is within two surrounding layers that help to prevent even the heaviest of falls. Such a box has great use in the glass and electronics industry. 

All these materials have equal importance for cosmetic items. But often you will see boxes that use at least two different materials. It is just to improve the condition of the box. Whereas it also gives the manufacturers a slight relief in the monetary aspect. 

Designing the Perfect Box 

Packing cosmetic items is somewhat easier than making a box for them. It is the reason often brands hire a couple of designers just to make and design the perfect box. Moreover, such a fine box also fulfils all the requirements of advertising as well as marketing for making your fine packaging item such as a box. You need to incorporate a few tweaks. 

1.      Look for the Perfect Size 

Where people lose and make their name is the size. When packing a small item, all you must take care of is to have a small box. When was the last time an item was rolling inside the box? Long ago, because nowadays no one can afford to make such an error. 

2.      Design Speaks Louder 

Apart from the size, your box must utilize a design that resembles style. But design and style do not mean to infuse a difficult setup. Often boxes look stylish, but when you begin to access the items inside. It becomes a difficult task. Hence, try your maximum to avoid these mistakes. 

3.      Partitions are Necessary 

Boxes that contain cosmetic items always require to have some partitions. It is to make sure that each item sets in well and does not fall over. Such a method is also popular in boxes for food. Makeup items have different sized products as well as fillings. Hence, a partition will avoid further disasters and errors. 

4.      Windows Depend on You 

Boxes that contain some windows so you can view the products sell faster. But often boxes do not incorporate a window for viewing. You can make use of either design but here is the difference. A window although provides a view but it reduces the strength of that particular side of the box. Whereas when strength is the ultimate requirement, then avoid making window spaces. 

5.      Enough Space for Branding 

Your size has a role to play in this step. If your box has a small size or a large one, just make sure to use the available space in the best manner. It means, do not overdo the space for branding. And do not leave off spaces in case of a large size. 

6.      Make Use of Perfect Locking System 

Box locking mainly comes from the design they include. There is no need to use metal locks over them. Rather a tight finishing and packing are enough to infuse the necessary friction.

Box Benefits 

Finally, we have to offer the benefits regarding boxes. These benefits, though, apply to all boxes including the Makeup Boxes

  • Easy to customize as well as stylize 
  • Allow material selection considering your requirements 
  • Effective marketing method to advertise items 
  • Diverse designs so you can offer a different look for your products 
  • A low-cost option to pack items 
  • Easy and efficient stacking over shelves and one another
  • Friendly to the environment by allowing reusability 

Get Perfect Candle Boxes to Take your Business Success to Next Level

Candle boxes are significant to bring incredible business benefits. Like all products, candles require exceptional packaging. Not only for their protection but also for aesthetic appeal. Candles are always in demand for multiple purposes. However, they come in creative styles and shapes. All of them need to be packed exclusively.

The packaging industry has evolved significantly. Gone are the days when the boxes were only used for product safety. Nowadays, these boxes serve wider purposes. Especially, elegant products like candles require top-notch encasing. The packaging companies understand this aspect well. However, they are supplying auspicious candle boxes packaging wholesale.

You can get them in unique themes and styles. By investing in top-notch candle packaging, the retailers can encounter huge profits. They preserve the integrity of inside items. Besides, they enhance the visual appeal of candles. With their help, you can boost up your business sales.

Reasons Retailers Invest in Unique & Exclusive Candle Packaging Boxes

Do you want to stand out among competitors? If yes, then concentrate on your product packaging. Being a candle retailer, you need to choose auspicious boxes. This leads you to incredible sales and revenues. Besides, the candle packaging boxes are essential to maintain the product’s actual condition.

A poorly packed candle item does not appeal to customers. To gain desirable success, you need premium packaging solutions. Today, many types of candles boxes are available. Also, these boxes are fully customizable. The main reasons to use luxury candle packaging are as follows!

  • Influence your Customers

The more the unique packaging will be, the more it will impress customers. However, you must invest in premium candle box packaging. In the market, many candle box designs are available. Instead of picking up old, traditional boxes, you need to choose creative packaging. Such boxes cast an everlasting impression on customers. Also, they enhance the aesthetic appeal of inside items.

You can get these boxes with windows and many fascinating features. This is an effective way to make a strong customer base. With the help of well-designed boxes for candles, your product becomes prominent. Ultimately, customers feel inclined to buy it while leaving the rest.

  • Elevate Brand Image

Custom boxes are great branding tools. They fulfill various marketing and promotional purposes. Hence, you can boost up your brand’s reliability and reputation with top-notch boxes. Custom candle packaging boxes with logos strengthen your brand image. Through them, you can stand out among competitors. Besides, you can develop a strong relationship with customers.

Your brand becomes more famous and reliable in the market. The market competition is high nowadays. However, you cannot gain desirable success without tempting packaging. Despite this, the brands are significantly investing in premium boxes for candles.

  • Prevent outside Damages

Candles are highly fragile and delicate items.  Hence, these products require appropriate packaging. This is essential to maintain their shape. Candle containers are made excellently by using sturdy material. In them, the products remain safe from all sorts of damages.

The retailers can safely deliver and showcase products in them. Moreover, they keep the candles secure during shipment. In high-quality boxes, the shape and structure of the candles remain perfect. Otherwise, they may lose their actual condition. You will definitely not want this to happen right? So, invest in a premium candle box!

  • Increase Business Sales

Here comes the most significant benefit. Every brand wants to grow its business sales. But how? Well, the packaging is an incredible strategy. Whether you are selling candles in a shop or online, exclusive boxes are essential. Especially, the boxes give your products a stand-out look on shelves.

People easily get inclined towards products that come in unique packaging. However, you must not avoid this aspect at any cost. Choose the creative and appealing boxes for candles. They improve your product’s visibility. Besides, these boxes positively impact people’s buying decisions. With less investment, you can encounter huge business profits. Is not it a great deal? Of, course it is. To boost up sales and revenues, you must rely on advanced packaging solutions.

What Characteristics Should Perfect Candle Packaging Have?

The packaging industry is vast and ever-evolving. Daily, the trends change, new styles come and old goes out of fashion. But still, some things remain safe. When choosing candle packaging boxes, you need to consider some aspects in mind.

The right packaging choice matters a lot. Otherwise, you may not get the desirable outcomes. Many packaging companies are providing a wide selection of boxes for candles. Well, you must be clear about your preferences and choices. Here are the following factors your candle packaging must possess!

  • Eco-Friendly

Save the environment by using biodegradable packaging. The excessive use of plastic bags and other types is harmful to our atmosphere. Well, you must choose eco-friendly boxes for candles.

Boxes made of Kraft, corrugated, and cardboard are the best choice. They are eco-friendly and safe to use. Through them, you can portray a positive brand image. Through sustainable packaging, you can impress potential buyers. However, it has a significant role in elevating your brand’s value.

  • Strong and Durable

Material selection is key when it comes to packaging. Your candles deserve incredible encasing. Both for display and delivery, these items need to be packed exceptionally. You should choose boxes that are made of durable material. Usually, cardboard, Kraft, and corrugated materials are preferable.

The durable boxes prevent damages. Moreover, the candle shape and structure remain fine. A low-quality packaging cannot withstand the unusual hits and handling. Only a sturdy and strongbox can work well to keep your valuable items protected.

  • Creative & Unique

People no more like the poor packaging designs. They want some change. hence, the recent research sheds light that most people make buying decisions by getting impressed by the packaging. Do you find it strange? Well, it is true. With exclusive candle box designs, you can influence customers.

The use of the latest manufacturing and designing techniques allows for unlimited design options. You can get them in fascinating themes, colors, and layouts. Also, many choices are available in terms of finishing, coating, foiling, and lamination. The candle packaging is also printable with exciting images. Hence, the creative designs appeal to customers on a significant level.

  • Windows & Die-cuts

Enhance your product’s visibility with luxury candle packaging wholesale. They are customizable with window and die-cut options. These features allow customers to have a glimpse at the inside items. However, you can customize the window shape in multiple styles.

Also, candles packaging with inserts are available in the market. Such creative and unique packaging quickly attracts buyers. Ultimately, your business sales will go to a whole new level.

Pick your Candle Box Design Now! Transform your brand’s image by choosing exciting candle box designs. To get durable, eco-friendly, and hard candle boxes, consult professional packaging manufacturers. You can choose from existing designs or customize a totally new one. This leads you to incredible business profits. Claws Custom Boxes is a top candle box manufacturers. Consult them to get the perfect packaging boxes for candles and all other retail stuff

Send Gifts with Style & Innovation in Premium Wrap Boxes

Wrap boxes are great to send gifts. As the name suggests, they come with premium wrapping sheets. You can get wrapping boxes in fascinating designs. However, they are useful to send gifts on special occasions. You can deliver gifts in them for Christmas, weddings, birthdays and more. These boxes come with exclusive wraps. Hence, they are available in a variety of styles and sizes. They are suitable both for personal and corporate gifting purposes.

Many companies are offering them in fascinating styles. These boxes have the potential to cast an everlasting impression on customers. Besides, they give people a unique unwrapping experience. Without damaging the beautiful wrapping sheet, the receivers can open the gift. Isn’t it amazing? Of course, it is. Wrap packaging is among the unique types of boxes.

They are stylish, durable, and eco-friendly. Hence, they possess highly versatile structures. You can get them to send or deliver multiple products. Also, they are fully customizable in multiple styles.

By investing in them, you can fulfill your packaging and gifting needs well. They have the potential to cast an everlasting impression on customers. Besides, they elevate your product aesthetic appeal. With their help, you can enhance your relationship with customers or loved ones.

How Wrap Boxes are made?

Evident from the name, these boxes are wrapped from the outside. However, they are not wrapped like traditional boxes. The lid, base, and body of the boxes are separately packed. Hence, multiple sheets and coatings are used for wrapping purposes.

You can get wrap boxes in exclusive designs. Usually, they are made of Kraft, corrugated, and cardboard material. Hence, these boxes are biodegradable and strong. They possess strong and durable structures.

Wrap packaging is made by using high-end manufacturing techniques. Many customization options are also available. With the help of this exclusive packaging type, you can appeal to receivers. However, they are customizable in multiple styles.

Wrap Packaging Uses for Multiple Products

Whether it is anyone’s birthday or any other special event, presenting gifts is essential. Also, gift exchanging goes at the peal on special occasions. This includes the new year, Christmas, and more. Why not enhance the gifting experience for one another? Well, it is possible with gift wrap packaging.

These boxes are specially designed. Hence, they come in exclusive themes, prints, and embellishments. Their specialty lies in the luxurious wrapping sheets around them. You can choose the wrapping as per your specific needs. Multiple options are available to fulfill your needs and demands.

Through these boxes, you can cast an everlasting impression on receivers. They are best for corporate gifting and personal gifting. You can also add many embellishments and decorative features to them. Wrap box packaging comes in exclusive styles to impress receivers.

You can choose from the existing designs. Moreover, they can be personalized in multiple ways. Wrap packaging boxes come for the following products.

  • Wrap Watch Boxes

Watches are the most exclusive gifts. People love to receive this item as a gift. To double the charm of the receiver, you need to invest in exclusive wrap packaging. Available in premium styles, these boxes give watches an incredible appearance. Hence, you can get them in multiple shapes, sizes, themes, and prints. Also, they are fully customizable.

You can order wrap packaging for watches with inserts and many other decorative features. In them, the value and aesthetic appeal of watches increase. Moreover, these boxes enhance the product’s safety. The inside items remain safe and functional in top-notch boxes.

  • Wrap Perfume Boxes

The perfumes are the most loved gift items. On all occasions, you can exchange them with one another. At the same time, they are delicate. However, you need to rely on premium packaging boxes to send perfumes as gifts. A low-quality box will not work. With the help of wrap perfume boxes, you can enhance perfume appeal as well as safety.

They accommodate the perfumes perfectly. However, you can get these boxes in sophisticated prints, colors, and themes. Custom printed wrap box packaging give perfumes an exclusive appearance. For further appeal, you can decorate the boxes with ribbons, glitters, and other features. You have a variety of wrapping options from which you can choose the one that suits your taste.

  • Wrap Sweet Boxes

Want to send sweet products to your loved ones or customers? Well, wrap packaging is an incredible choice. These boxes will make the receivers so happy. You can show your love and concerns for them by investing in top-notch wrap box packaging.

They keep the sweets fresh. Besides, they prevent environmental hazards and other damages. You can use wrap packaging to safely deliver sweet items. Hence, these boxes come in many shapes, sizes and styles. Whatever your sweet packaging requirements are, you can fulfill them with wrap boxes. They are suitable to send cakes, sweets, cookies, and other delicious items as a gift.

  • Wrap Apparel Boxes

Get wrap apparel packaging in fascinating designs to send clothes as gifts. You can get these boxes for multiple occasions. This includes birthdays, Christmas, bachelor’s parties, weddings, or any other event. In these boxes, the apparel looks incredible.

They are available in an extensive range of shapes, sizes, and styles. Besides, you can choose the wrap design as per your choice. Multiple options are available in terms of wrapping and embellishments. Also, you are free to customize the box shape in exciting layouts.

  • Corporate Gifting

Strengthen a buyer-seller relationship by sending gifts to your customers in special packaging. Boxes with wraps have the potential to cast a devastating impression on customers. Besides, they portray a professional image of your brand. You can get wrap packaging for your corporate gifting needs.

Hence, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. Moreover, you can get them with your logo and other branding details. In this way, these boxes turn out to be great marketing and branding tools. You can choose from existing designs. Besides, they can be personalized according to your specific business requirements.

Get Wrap Boxes Wholesale in Exciting Styles

Nowadays, the need and demand for wrap packaging have increased. This is because people are looking for a unique gifting experience. However, the wrap packaging is a great choice in this regard.

The company offers multiple styles of wrap boxes packaging at affordable rates. Also, you can customize these boxes in unique designs. Claws Custom Boxes have proven experience in the packaging industry. However, they fulfill all your gift packaging needs in the best possible way.

These boxes provide an incredible experience to the receiver. Also, they cast an enduring and ever-lasting impression. You can get wrap style boxes in premium themes and designs, Many embellishment options are also available. Claws Custom Boxes let you have sophisticated, durable, and innovative gift wrap packaging boxes.

Bakery boxes and bakeries: A True Bond

Food is essential for us. Different food items reduce our hunger in different ways. In essence, different brands offer different sets of foods to appetize us. Good food is much about the ingredients which make them. These ingredients offer a different set of tastes. Moreover, for the love of food, people travel long distances to taste something new. This shows how much crazy people are about food. On a medical basis, food offers nutrition as well as maintains our health. 

However, food comes from different sources. Some food comes from fast-food restaurants. Where some food comes from continental and local cuisines. But one special food comes from bakeries. Although the products are termed as food, yet the idea and look have differences. Items from the bakery vary in production, consumable time, as well as requirements. With such differences, there is diversity and uniqueness in their packing as well. For this, you will find loads of Bakery Boxes to fulfil all sets of requirements. 

Freshness, Safety, and Originality 

A food item removes your hunger in the best way. However, this depends upon the food you eat and the quantity you consume. But a food item carries some key aspects which need respect and appreciation. 

Every food item needs to be:

  • Fresh 
  • Safe 
  • Original 
  • Tasty 
  • Temperature-perfect 

Freshness is of utmost importance when considering any food item. This is because a food product best serves the hunger purpose. Safety is another key aspect. If a food does not retain its safety, it will cause health and other disorders inside the human body. Originality refers to the food item retaining its true shape and identity. Taste comes from safety and freshness. Without taste, you cannot have food that people will love. And temperature-perfect food remains hot or cold however the nature it possesses. But all of these aspects are what a fine packaging product such as a box covers. 

Food and Packaging 

Of all the brands and industries that produce them, only food has the utmost importance. This is because in general, a food product serves many needs. From health to nutrition to taste, it covers everything. Hence, a food item has a special place in the hearts of people. But one thing which comes along with food items is the way they are packed. 

In essence, a food item needs to remain fresh, tender, and temperature-perfect. For instance, if you order ice cream, you require it to be cold and without any melt. However, for this, only adequate packing serves the purpose. In addition, you require fine packing to have a hot food item at the best temperature. This is because food items require consumption however the consumer likes. Thus, they need to serve the purpose else there is no importance. 

To overcome this issue and respect the customer’s appetite, food brands keenly focus on their packaging. This involves having loads of boxes with different designs for effective packing.

Box Types 

Although all boxes that food brands make use of present a unique shape and design. However, in the case of bakery items, you will find different boxes. Although these boxes lie under the same category their usage is where the difference lies. 

·         Boxes for Bread 

The only requirement for bread is that it must be in a box having a tight locking. This is because bread has a maximum life of 3 days. After that, it is of no importance. But this life reduces considerably when bread is not inside a perfect place. For this, your box must be ideally held and contain it. 

·         Boxes for Cookies 

Cookies are the favourite items in a bakery that attract loads of customers. This is because a cookie allows quick and on-the-go consumption. However, their box needs to have tight locking too. This is because cookie comes fresh from the oven in the bakery. Thus, if it does not go into the proper container, it will get dull over time. 

·         Boxes for Donuts 

Doughnuts make bakeries popular. Previously, you will find doughnuts only in special bakeries. But nowadays, every bakery produces a variety of doughnuts for customers. However, boxes for doughnuts need to have a firm shape and contain space so the doughnuts retain their topping. 

·         Boxes for Snacks 

A box that must pack and contain snacks needs to have a good size and stiffness. This is because it will have to hold the bulk of snack items in a single packaging. Thus, strength is the key here. But like all other bakery products, they need protection from the atmosphere too. 

·         Boxes for Cakes 

The only item a bakery is loved for is a cake. Cakes come in different shapes and for different occasions. Thus, this is why they have consumption in bulk and bakeries find it profitable. So boxes for cakes carry all the necessary modifications and styles. 

Box Requirements 

Although boxes need to have some general features and traits. But Food Boxes have immense responsibility as well. They hold delicate and fresh food items for consumers. If they compromise or do not fulfil any of their jobs, they will lose their importance quickly. Thus, there are some basic requirements which these boxes must have. 

·         Tight Locking 

The major responsibility of these boxes is to have a tight locking. This is possible through an accurate and stiff design. Moreover, this comes from the design you adopt. Some designs take styling to a new level and reduce the safety factor. Thus, you need to take care and give importance to this factor. 

·         Packing Space 

Sometimes, it is good to pack similar and dry products in a single large container. For this, your box must have an adequate size. However, some brands do not care about this a use any box they find to pack items in bulk. But to have a good presentation, have separate boxes to justify the packing requirements. 

  • Sleek Shape 

A good shape is as important in such boxes as any other ones. This is because people have to carry and place them at different places too. Thus, if your box is too small, it will fall over easily. If large, no place will hold it. For this, you must have different sizes of boxes available. This will offer a sleek look if you have the right number of products in the box with the right size. 

·         Product Visibility 

Either through easy access or a see-through window, provide people with the ability to look into their boxes. This gives a constant look at their product and sees if they require special attention or not. Sometimes, people look and find their item losing its originality.

Ideal Box Customizations 

Your Bakery Boxes require some necessary customizations to appeal to customers. Moreover, modification and styling are necessary to present food items in the best form. For this, you have some find ideas right below:

  • Try to add a carrying space to your box. Either make a cut-out portion or add a ribbon to carry them. Or you can provide a special carrying pack for your box. 
  • Do not forget to make a space in your box so people can view their products with ease. 
  • Try to add padding inside your box such a food paper. It keeps the box safe from food ingredients such as toppings of doughnuts. 

Detergents Require Packing, Just See Soap Boxes For Instance

Soap BoxesProducts possess a few limitations which need to be considered before production. Sometimes, a few issues arise once the final product comes out. Whereas some loopholes require covering even before planning to produce a product. These include the ways a product will have a suitable covering. Moreover, it is how a product will compete in the market and outscore other products. A manufacturer considers all the aspects before producing a product. However, some industries are small enough that they have a small time to compete and react. Consider the detergent industry one of these. 

These industries strive hard to compete and outsmart others but only through a few items. Only a few items in a supermarket lie under the category of detergents. However, you see a wide variation of a single item. Among these minute products of this industry, soaps have great importance. Be it for washing purposes or cleaning purposes. In essence, all soaps require adequate packing to make their use prolonged. This is done by Soap Boxes. These boxes have a mediocre but important task to keep the soap as well as themselves clean and safe. 

A Detergent Without a Packing 

Often we see products without any covering in the supermarkets. This is because the brands either do not require sales or customer satisfaction. Or they have this image of providing a low-cost product for the middle class. However, in both cases, it is bad to not consider the ease of the users. And this is where top brands thrive. Though they charge more on their products but offer the best quality. 

Only a few items can sell out easily without packing or a covering. These include stationery items. Whereas some items have no usage or importance if there is no packing or covering on offer. These are detergent items such as soaps and cleaners. Among such items, soaps focus on proper packaging the most. This is because they constitute delicate chemicals that wave off when they have contact with the atmosphere for a long. Thus, proper packing keeps them safe and allows the user to utilize them for long. 

A proper covering is not only a demand anymore. It is a necessity now since every customer demands purity and originality. This is why people require products that come in proper packaging. This makes it easier to consume than whenever the need arises and pack the remaining. All detergents require fine packing for quick selling. A good covering increases the chances of sale because it amplifies the outlook. 

Packaging Types 

A lot of packaging products appear to solve the packing issues. But detergents such as soaps make it easier to judge. Three primary packaging products include boxes, paper bags, and plastic shoppers. Though all these materials have wide acceptance and usage in the market. But few products quickly pick a winner without any debate. 

Here is why soaps do not like paper bags and plastic shoppers. 

·         Paper Bags 

In modern times, paper bags have a low usage rate. This requires the packaging to be able to hold weight. However, even in times of low quality, paper bags did not serve the purpose either. These bags cannot hold even a decent weight on their own. Thus, if you want to take home a single soap, then only consider these bags. That too if the bag has not to tear!

·         Plastic Shoppers 

Shoppers have no distinct traits on offer. These products only store your items but do not offer any security and strength. If you carry a soap product in a large bottle, try to look away. This is because of poor carrying space in the offer through shoppers. It is difficult to pack and carry them. However, you can bring home a single soap or a small bottle in these shoppers. 

·         Boxes 

And this is why Soap Boxes have great importance and responsibility for the detergent industry. Boxes offer a distinct shape and space. Thus, your item remains inside having the best accommodation. Moreover, you can easily increase the size of the box to contain more products. What if you want to pack a heavy soap bottle? You need to have a box with good material. It will easily carry your product. 


Although having a box is enough for most of the products. But some products only require a specific material. This is to ensure your product reaches your destination safely. Among boxes, you will find three materials that make them. And this is a brief review of them all.

·         Cardboard Material 

This material is the best when it comes to packing lightweight products. These boxes easily store a single soap inside in the best accommodation. A tight-locking and a stiff shape keep your product in place. And avoid any unconditional opening of the box. 

·         Kraft Material 

Kraft is a popular material when it comes to having some sort of stiffness. This is also handy for manufacturers that do not want to have a light product such as cardboard. But they want some stiffness to have a rigid packaging. A single soap easily comes in these soap boxes. But you can even pack multiple soaps by simply making a big box.

·         Corrugated Material 

A corrugated sheet is known for its thickness. A single sheet of this material has two surfaces separated by a soft binding agent. This avoids the mightiest of the pressure and keeps the item safe. This type of packaging is useful when you want to pack soap bottles that have a large weight. 

Any material you choose from above, all of them offer an easy carrying option. Thus, apart from packing, you have ease in carrying your product too. 

Care in Packing 

Though boxes that contain soaps offer a lot of customizations. But is the care that needs to be considered when packing soaps in such boxes. 

·         Size Accuracy 

Sometimes, you have two different soaps having a different composition. But you want to pack them in a single large box. Thus, make the size large enough to accommodate both of them easily so they do not collide and give off their material to the other. 

·         Partition 

Carrying on, it is ideal to include a partition when packing multiple soaps in a large box. This increases the safety factor for each soap item. 

·         Padding 

Often, padding is added to the box to allow items to avoid breakage or damage. However, in the case of Soap Boxes, padding is necessary for products as well as the box. Thus, you will see a lot of soaps having a plastic covering coming in the boxes. This is to keep the box safe. You can either do it or cover the box with paper from the inside. This will keep the box safe from all soaps. 

·         Material Selection 

Since safety is the top requirement in the case of soaps. Try to have the box that has the best material. Although all three materials have the best traits. But these properties are limited to specific products. Thus, select the best box for soaps and soap bottles. 

·         Branding 

Branding is secondary in such products. But it is necessary too. So you can design and stylize your box to promote your brand through images and graphics. 

Can Apparel Industry Survive Without Shoe Boxes? It Can’t!

The apparel industry serves us the best. It offers loads of products to help us dress in the best way and for the best occasions. In essence, this industry does not shrink. It is increasing with each passing year. New brands come on the scene and instantly become a hit. This is because the industry offers different products and new ones over time. Consider this for a fact that from Nike, we have seen half a dozen new apparel brands that touch the limits each year. 

Similarly, Louis Vuitton is not the only top fashion and apparel brand in the world. This shows why such brands obtain success and inspire new ones. However, a good brand focuses on some products whereas some focus on customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is the key to receiving loads of customers daily and creating a unique bond. For this, proper packaging is a core element. That is why you will see top brands pack their products, such as shoes, inaccurate Shoe Boxes

Apparel Industry and the Needs 

If you study the apparel industry deeply, you will find they have a split responsibility and demand. This is because half of their job is to make great apparel products. And the remaining task is to pack them effectively. This is because people travel a lot to search and reach for their favorite brands. And once they shop, they have to carry their products too. Consider a shop of a top brand in a shopping mall. When a customer shops, they will have to visit other areas of the mall too. Thus, if your packing is not supportive, the user might not come to you again. 

For this, the apparel brands have to figure and keep a lot in mind. Their primary need is to have their product in the best box. Shoes have importance in this industry. This is because it is an item that has different usage in different places. Thus, a single person will have at least 3 to 4 pairs of shoes for all events. Hence, if you plan to start a business, try to have the shoe one in consideration. 

Boxes for Each Shoe 

Different shoes cover different events. You can hardly wear the same pair for two events but you will need a new one soon. This is because you make the dress code a respectable one. For this, the best shoe is necessary to make the occasion the best. Thus, different boxes offer packing solutions for a variety of shoe products. 

·         Shoes for Events 

Some shoes have effective built quality and design for events. Events such as birthdays, parties, etc. require casual shoes at most. Thus, a good apparel brand will cover your needs for these events. 

·         Shoes for Anniversaries and Weddings 

Weddings and anniversaries require a suitable dress code. For this, a shoe is an important element. Thus, people have a special pair for such occasions. A good shoe to go with a tuxedo is what young men love to have!

·         Shoes for Training 

This is where athletes have the most interest. A training shoe pair is not an ordinary jogger. It has the necessary material such as the sole to help you run miles and train effectively. They cause your feet to remain gentle and soft and avoid any injuries. 

·         Shoes for Gym 

A gym is a confined space where people head to train and stay fit. And like all places, they require perfect shoes as well. Apparel brands include a special section where they have shoes ideally built for gyms.

And many more occasions and places require different sets of shoes. However, there is no shortage of them either. In addition, there is no shortage of Custom Boxes too unless one does not care about this. 

Box Material 

Whatever a box contains, it depends on the material that makes it. This is why you will see some boxes tear down due to storing heavy items in lightboxes. Thus, you need to remain active and intelligent when considering the best box. 

·         Cardboard Material 

Cardboard material is ideal for storing and stacking lightweight products. This is because of the strength of the material on offer. This is the easiest material to obtain the cheapest as well when considering making a packing box. 

·         Kraft Material 

Kraft is a material that offers more strength and rigidity than cardboard. However, there is a limit to the stiffness on offer. Thus, this material is ideal for making boxes that will hold items with a decent weight. However, the shiny look of these boxes offers a great look. 

·         Corrugated Material 

This is the material that most manufacturers love. It is because such a material makes boxes which hold heavy items. Thus, there is no problem to store decent and lightweight items at all. Moreover, such material has adequate thickness. It has two layers which have a soft material at the center. 

Which Material is Ideal to Hold Shoes? 

Corrugated material is the best to make boxes for packing shoes. This is because such boxes can hold any amount of weight a product has. Thus, if you have a pair of shoes which have a good weight, there is no worry. 

Moreover, corrugated material makes Rigid Boxes that have only one responsibility. And that is to offer efficient thickness and rigidity. Rigidness keeps the box safe from heavy pressure and dropping. Thus, any item inside them will remain safe and sound for a prolonging usage. 

Your Customization Options 

Though boxes offer loads of customizations, however in the case of some boxes you do not have loads of choices. Such boxes especially have a uniform design and shape. Thus, you have the option to tweak them a little. 

·         Size 

Although the design is similar for all boxes that contain shoes. Still, you can alter the size of your box. This is a way to keep the budget good because it allows you to consume less material. Thus, for different ages, you can have different box sizes. 

·         Design 

The only design you can implement is a telescope design as well as a die-cut design. A telescope design has a top covering which you can remove completely. This gives you full access to the shoes. The die-cut design has the top portion connected at one side to the base part. 

·         Carrying Space 

A great addition which you can include in these boxes is to add a carrying space. This carrying space can be in the form of a ribbon at one of the sides. This allows you to carry them easily and without extra packing. Moreover, you can have a dedicated space on the top side. However, such a design in bulk will increase the packaging cost. 

·         Branding 

Apparel industries love to promote their brand as well as the product through packaging. For this, it is customary to add a brand logo as well as a trademark. A uniform pattern is seen in this regard too. Brands add their logo and trademark on the top side. Whereas they add product information along the sides. 

·         Finishing 

To make your box look royal, you can cover the box with a glossy or matte material. This will improve the overall look of your box. In essence, it will present your Shoe Boxes most attractively. 

Improve Your Branding and Marketing Through Silver Foil Boxes

Effective packing material is hard to find by. However, limitations in the packing products do not cause this. Rather, it is the negligence of the user. Sometimes, people do not care about packing their products in an ideal way. All they focus on is to manufacture and sell their product in bulk. However, an effective way of selling a product faster is to advertise in the best possible way. In advertising, there are no limitations. 

All you need is a clever and able mind to think ahead of others. This is the requirement in the modern century. People do not look out for ordinary things. They attract the most appealing item on the shelf. To make your product and item one of these, try to make use of Silver Foil Boxes. This box has a silver look. However, the magic begins beyond the silver color. The advertising charts rise with this box, and your products get a good selling agent. 

Marketing and Packaging

Marketing and packaging have had each other’s side for a long. However, people do not understand this fact. They either fall for the marketing strategy. Whereas some fall for the packaging side of the product. But rarely someone implies that both of them work the best together. For example, marketing is the key to successful sales. However, packaging casts the first impression on the viewers. Thus, if you combine both of these, you get an ideal unit. 

Marketing is not possible without packaging. And good packing does not always guarantee bulk sales. If you stylize your packaging in the best way, only then your product achieves sales. The more you implement and diversify your packing, the more marketing strength you achieve. This is why boxes have immense importance and acceptance. Through a box, you can modify and stylize in any way you like. This is the freedom that many other packing products do not offer. 

Where Bags and Shoppers Lack?

A box is an ideal packing product. It has loads of benefits to offer. Some of these are related to the economic side. Whereas some of them solely relate to the packing side. 

A box offers:

  • Easy and effective packing option for your product 
  • An economic way of packing since all materials have low cost and easy access
  • Efficient stacking over shelves by consuming less space and allowing more storage 
  • Safe handling and packing of the product 

Whereas paper bags and plastic shoppers lack in providing these benefits. In essence, they consist of many negative aspects a lot:

  • Paper bags offer the least security. It is easy to tear it and access the product inside. 
  • A paper bag does not offer strength. This means you have to carry these bags through complete support. 
  • Plastic shoppers offer less security than boxes. 
  • Shoppers do not offer a stiff and rigid packing product. 
  • The shoppers do not carry heavy products with ease. 

Boxes for Advertising 

In this light, boxes that include the advertising factor are gaining popularity. For this, a silver foiling on a box is the best. These boxes offer easy marketing and advertising feature. Firstly, such a box offers a pre-built shiny color that solves half of the issues. In essence, it is a box thus it will offer safety and strength to your product. 

You can modify this box in multiple ways you like. 

·         Box Design 

You can design your box however you like. This only comes with boxes. To offer accurate packing, consider the size of your product. Then, make the box that will precisely accommodate the product. 

·         Foiling Level 

Silver foiling is one of the aspects of these boxes. However, you can adjust the level of silver foiling as well as the color. For instance, you can decide how many layers of foiling your box needs. Moreover, you can decide between silver shades which you want to include. 

·         Style 

Different box styles are available for your selection. Select the best style so your product remains safe and accurate inside the box. You can select from the styles which offer the best features including locking. 

·         Sneak Peek 

If you care about advertising a lot, this is where your box can stand out. Add a see-through window to your box so that it looks stylish. This window or space allows customers to see the stored product. Thus, it helps in product identification as well. 

·         Material 

Moreover, you can select the best material for your box too. Kraft, cardboard, and corrugated material offer different benefits and limitations. Kraft offers good stiffness and rigidness. Corrugated materials offer the highest level of rigidness and safety. Whereas cardboard offers good support for lightweight products. 

·         Brand Promotion 

Marketing and advertising are incomplete without branding. For this, it is the need to customize your box to promote your brand. Brand promotion is possible through graphics such as logos, product images, and other designs. Moreover, you can include a calligraphic design in your box as well for a royal look. 

Pack Your Favourite Materials

Packing is not limited to advertising and selling. However, efficient packing is dependent on the product you intend to store. Sometimes, a packing box is not enough for quick selling. This is because your packing box does not accommodate the product ideally. 

For this, you need to make sure what your box with a silver foiling can pack.

·         Jewelry 

Jewelry is the only product that requires adequate packing at all costs. This is because such products move forward as gifts and presents. Thus, the outlook matters a lot. 

·         Wristwatches 

A wristwatch requires small packing however it needs to be sleek. For this, such boxes come in handy allowing stylish packing. The foiling makes an even better case for these boxes. 

·         Journals 

Top-class institutes, as well as firms, gift their employees and partners with journals throughout the year. This is where these stylish boxes have importance. 

·         Food 

The food industry relies on such Custom Boxes the most. This is because of many reasons but health tops the list. Such boxes keep the food warm and healthy. 

Your Best Materials at Your Disposal 

When making or selecting a packing box, it is ideal to select the best material. This is because safety is what everyone demands. Thus, an ideal silver foil box solves all the issues that might arise. In essence, three materials make the best packing boxes. 

·         Cardboard Boxes 

A cardboard box is the simplest packing box. This box is ideal for storing lightweight products because of its nature. This is because it offers the least rigidness however enough for packing your product the best. 

·         Kraft Boxes 

A kraft box offers good strength and stiffness than a cardboard material. However, this material does not store and pack heavy products. In essence, kraft boxes store medium-weight products at best. 

·         Corrugated Boxes 

Corrugated boxes have wide acceptance and popularity. This is because such material has a great thickness on offer. It includes a partition in between two layers thus offering safety during dropping. 

Many manufacturers love corrugated material for making the boxes. This is because such a box covers all products and offers a singular packing solution. In essence, all packing boxes including Silver Foil Boxes offer economic packing and thus feel easy on the budget. 

Corrugated Boxes: More Security, More Safety, More Peace

The most important factor in a product’s selling is its presentation. Presentation is the key in any field. Consider going for an event or a special occasion. You do not wear old clothes and go without makeup. Why is this so? This is to look different from others. Your appearance matters a lot. This is the same method brands apply to their products. Many sellers sell identical products. If you sell the same too, where will the difference come from? The difference comes from packing. 

A packing product offers coverage for your product or item. The product goes inside the package and sits firmly and safely. For this, packing products have immense importance. In this light, packing boxes offer the best solution for all packaging needs. Apart from various benefits, they offer different styles to suit your needs. One of the special packing box types is the Corrugated Boxes.

Where Does The Name Come From?

The word corrugated means to offer rigidness through a multi-layer structure. In the boxes, it means the same. These boxes have wide importance in heavy industries. But this does not reflect that small-scale industries do not make use of these boxes. The strength, stiffness, and rigidity on offer make them the ideal choice for packing any product. Consider it this way. If you sell different products, ideally you will have to purchase different boxes. 

However, if you use these boxes, all packing needs get covered. This is because such boxes have a specialty in packing heavy products. Thus, lightweight products will get no problem going into these boxes. Moreover, the multi-layer structure offers many benefits. These include safety during accidental dropping. In essence, loads of products remain safe from even tougher jerks. 

Safety is what most brands and manufacturers prefer for their products. Thus, they prefer to go for the best option. Though every box offers good packing features. Such boxes offer more. This is why some brands completely rely on these boxes to pack and transport their goods. Apart from brands, households prefer these boxes when shifting in bulk. Offices love these boxes since they do not prefer on and off shifting. With these boxes, the shifting takes place sometimes in one go. 

Different Box Types 

The corrugated nature is one of the aspects of such boxes. Whereas many more features are available to look out for. These include designs and styles. Though such box type is itself a sub-category of packing boxes. Yet different styles lie in them to give an added choice. 

·         Half-Slotted Box 

A half-slotted box has one side divided into two equal parts. These equal parts fold to open and close simultaneously. However, their use is in the case of transportation. Or where the box will open and close only once. Their locking is done through an adhesive that tightly holds the division in its place.

  • Slotted Box 

In the case of a slotted box design, the top side has two different divisions. This makes a total of four equal parts in a set of two. Such box style is to provides extra strength and safety to the product inside. Again, such boxes come into use where there is no frequent access to the box. 

·         Telescope Box 

A telescope box is the most common and general box design. This design has a top surface that allows complete removal. In essence, you can access the product inside easily and effectively. The common example of such a box type is the one that shoe brands use. 

·         Folder and Tray Boxes 

A folder and a tray box are similarly in the built. However, one common difference lies between the two. The folder box is like an auto-lock box that gets opened in one way only. Whereas a sliding box design has a tray that slides into the body. In addition, the similarity lies in the sides. The sides allow complete opening, thus giving a total view of the box. 

·         Simple Slide Design 

Box with a simple slide design is also popular and common. This box has a covering portion that is open at corresponding ends. A base part or container slides into this cover through the opening. This base part holds the products. It is like a box but without a top covering since it slides into a cover. 

·         Rigid Type 

This is a box design that focuses on one thing only i.e. strength. The strength on offer is massive. These boxes include extra layers of corrugated material. This is a way of removing any thought of damage during accidents. 

·         Partition Type 

A partition design is to differentiate between products. This box design includes separators inside to which different products go. This design is mostly in use by chocolate brands where such a design offers a unique style. In general, the food industry loves such boxes. 

·         Fold-Up Pads 

If you love to use a box multiple times throughout the year, this is designed to follow. Such a design allows complete assembly and disassembly of the box. When you purchase such a box, it is like a folded mat. You expand it and then assemble it for usage. This type of box allows prolonged usage without any damage.

Customization Hacks 

Though such boxes do not require loads of customizations and modification since their purpose is clear. However, these boxes allow customers to get more from them. Generally, customization in such a box happens on the orders of brands. 

·         Extra Layers 

If being corrugated is not enough, try something unique. The best you can do is add extra layers of the material. This modification is what many industries love to have. This gives extra strength and safety to the product inside.

·         Partition 

If you intend to pack and store different products. Or if you like to have products separated from each other, this is the back you can get. You can simply add different partitions or barriers inside the box. These barriers will be of the same material as the box. Thus, offering a good separation inside.

·         Padding 

Although the material and built quality of such boxes are immense. Still, you can increase the safety inside the box. For this, you need to add soft cotton inside the box such that there is no spacing left. This will allow products to stay safe in case of dropping.

·         Advertising 

Being a brand owner, you can advertise your products too. Although such boxes do not require advertising since this is not their usage. Still, you can promote your brand through them. You can add your logo, trademark, product images, and other graphics. 


Although these boxes have immense popularity. Many brands use these boxes even if they make lightweight products. In general, a few industries stand out when it comes to packing products in the safest box. 

  • Electronic manufacturers use the boxes to the full. TVs, microwaves, toasters, juicers, etc. all come in these boxes. 
  • The glassware industry makes use of these boxes for extra safety. 
  • Offices use these boxes to transport their supplies quickly. 
  • Apparel industries use these boxes because of their unique designs.
  • The food industry makes use of these boxes to promote its products.

In short, the importance of Corrugated Boxes can never be undermined. Their importance lies in the specialities they have to offer. This is the reason many brands use them.