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Corrugated Boxes: More Security, More Safety, More Peace

Corrugated boxes The most important factor in a product’s selling is its presentation. Presentation is the key in any field. Consider going for an event or a special occasion. You do not wear old clothes and go without makeup. Why is this so? This is to look different from others. Your appearance matters a lot. This is the same method brands apply to their products. Many sellers sell identical products. If you sell the same too, where will the difference come from? The difference comes from packing. 

A packing product offers coverage for your product or item. The product goes inside the package and sits firmly and safely. For this, packing products have immense importance. In this light, packing boxes offer the best solution for all packaging needs. Apart from various benefits, they offer different styles to suit your needs. One of the special packing box types is the Corrugated Boxes.

Where Does The Name Come From?

The word corrugated means to offer rigidness through a multi-layer structure. In the boxes, it means the same. These boxes have wide importance in heavy industries. But this does not reflect that small-scale industries do not make use of these boxes. The strength, stiffness, and rigidity on offer make them the ideal choice for packing any product. Consider it this way. If you sell different products, ideally you will have to purchase different boxes. 

However, if you use these boxes, all packing needs get covered. This is because such boxes have a specialty in packing heavy products. Thus, lightweight products will get no problem going into these boxes. Moreover, the multi-layer structure offers many benefits. These include safety during accidental dropping. In essence, loads of products remain safe from even tougher jerks. 

Safety is what most brands and manufacturers prefer for their products. Thus, they prefer to go for the best option. Though every box offers good packing features. Such boxes offer more. This is why some brands completely rely on these boxes to pack and transport their goods. Apart from brands, households prefer these boxes when shifting in bulk. Offices love these boxes since they do not prefer on and off shifting. With these boxes, the shifting takes place sometimes in one go. 

Different Box Types 

The corrugated nature is one of the aspects of such boxes. Whereas many more features are available to look out for. These include designs and styles. Though such box type is itself a sub-category of packing boxes. Yet different styles lie in them to give an added choice. 

·         Half-Slotted Box 

A half-slotted box has one side divided into two equal parts. These equal parts fold to open and close simultaneously. However, their use is in the case of transportation. Or where the box will open and close only once. Their locking is done through an adhesive that tightly holds the division in its place.

  • Slotted Box 

In the case of a slotted box design, the top side has two different divisions. This makes a total of four equal parts in a set of two. Such box style is to provides extra strength and safety to the product inside. Again, such boxes come into use where there is no frequent access to the box. 

·         Telescope Box 

A telescope box is the most common and general box design. This design has a top surface that allows complete removal. In essence, you can access the product inside easily and effectively. The common example of such a box type is the one that shoe brands use. 

·         Folder and Tray Boxes 

A folder and a tray box are similarly in the built. However, one common difference lies between the two. The folder box is like an auto-lock box that gets opened in one way only. Whereas a sliding box design has a tray that slides into the body. In addition, the similarity lies in the sides. The sides allow complete opening, thus giving a total view of the box. 

·         Simple Slide Design 

Box with a simple slide design is also popular and common. This box has a covering portion that is open at corresponding ends. A base part or container slides into this cover through the opening. This base part holds the products. It is like a box but without a top covering since it slides into a cover. 

·         Rigid Type 

This is a box design that focuses on one thing only i.e. strength. The strength on offer is massive. These boxes include extra layers of corrugated material. This is a way of removing any thought of damage during accidents. 

·         Partition Type 

A partition design is to differentiate between products. This box design includes separators inside to which different products go. This design is mostly in use by chocolate brands where such a design offers a unique style. In general, the food industry loves such boxes. 

·         Fold-Up Pads 

If you love to use a box multiple times throughout the year, this is designed to follow. Such a design allows complete assembly and disassembly of the box. When you purchase such a box, it is like a folded mat. You expand it and then assemble it for usage. This type of box allows prolonged usage without any damage.

Customization Hacks 

Though such boxes do not require loads of customizations and modification since their purpose is clear. However, these boxes allow customers to get more from them. Generally, customization in such a box happens on the orders of brands. 

·         Extra Layers 

If being corrugated is not enough, try something unique. The best you can do is add extra layers of the material. This modification is what many industries love to have. This gives extra strength and safety to the product inside.

·         Partition 

If you intend to pack and store different products. Or if you like to have products separated from each other, this is the back you can get. You can simply add different partitions or barriers inside the box. These barriers will be of the same material as the box. Thus, offering a good separation inside.

·         Padding 

Although the material and built quality of such boxes are immense. Still, you can increase the safety inside the box. For this, you need to add soft cotton inside the box such that there is no spacing left. This will allow products to stay safe in case of dropping.

·         Advertising 

Being a brand owner, you can advertise your products too. Although such boxes do not require advertising since this is not their usage. Still, you can promote your brand through them. You can add your logo, trademark, product images, and other graphics. 


Although these boxes have immense popularity. Many brands use these boxes even if they make lightweight products. In general, a few industries stand out when it comes to packing products in the safest box. 

  • Electronic manufacturers use the boxes to the full. TVs, microwaves, toasters, juicers, etc. all come in these boxes. 
  • The glassware industry makes use of these boxes for extra safety. 
  • Offices use these boxes to transport their supplies quickly. 
  • Apparel industries use these boxes because of their unique designs.
  • The food industry makes use of these boxes to promote its products.

In short, the importance of Corrugated Boxes can never be undermined. Their importance lies in the specialities they have to offer. This is the reason many brands use them. 

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