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cardboard shoe boxes

Can Apparel Industry Survive Without Shoe Boxes? It Can’t!

Shoe Boxes: The apparel industry serves us the best. It offers loads of products to help us dress in the best way and for the best occasions. In essence, this industry does not shrink. It is increasing with each passing year. New brands come on the scene and instantly become a hit. This is because the industry offers different products and new ones over time. Consider this for a fact that from Nike, we have seen half a dozen new apparel brands that touch the limits each year. 

Similarly, Louis Vuitton is not the only top fashion and apparel brand in the world. This shows why such brands obtain success and inspire new ones. However, a good brand focuses on some products whereas some focus on customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is the key to receiving loads of customers daily and creating a unique bond. For this, proper packaging is a core element. That is why you will see top brands pack their products, such as shoes, and inaccurate Shoe Boxes

Apparel Industry and the Needs 

If you study the apparel industry deeply, you will find they have a split responsibility and demand. This is because half of their job is to make great apparel products. And the remaining task is to pack them effectively. This is because people travel a lot to search and reach for their favourite brands. And once they shop, they have to carry their products too. Consider a shop of a top brand in a shopping mall. When customer shops, they will have to visit other areas of the mall too. Thus, if your packing is not supportive, the user might not come to you again. 

For this, the apparel brands have to figure out and keep a lot in mind. Their primary need is to have their product in the best box. Shoes have importance in this industry. This is because it is an item that has different usage in different places. Thus, a single person will have at least 3 to 4 pairs of shoes for all events. Hence, if you plan to start a business, try to have the shoe one in consideration. 

Boxes for Each Shoe 

Different shoes cover different events. You can hardly wear the same pair for two events but you will need a new one soon. This is because you make the dress code a respectable one. For this, the best shoe is necessary to make the occasion the best. Thus, different boxes offer packing solutions for a variety of shoe products. 

·         Shoes for Events 

Some shoes have effective built quality and design for events. Events such as birthdays, parties, etc. require casual shoes at most. Thus, a good apparel brand will cover your needs for these events. 

·         Shoes for Anniversaries and Weddings 

Weddings and anniversaries require a suitable dress code. For this, a shoe is an important element. Thus, people have a special pair for such occasions. A good shoe to go with a tuxedo is what young men love to have!

·         Shoes for Training 

This is where athletes have the most interest. A training shoe pair is not an ordinary jogger. It has the necessary material such as the sole to help you run miles and train effectively. They cause your feet to remain gentle and soft and avoid any injuries. 

·         Shoes for Gym 

A gym is a confined space where people head to train and stay fit. And like all places, they require perfect shoes as well. Apparel brands include a special section where they have shoes ideally built for gyms.

And many more occasions and places require different sets of shoes. However, there is no shortage of them either. In addition, there is no shortage of Custom Boxes too unless one does not care about this. 

Box Material 

Whatever a box contains, it depends on the material that makes it. This is why you will see some boxes tear down due to storing heavy items in lightboxes. Thus, you need to remain active and intelligent when considering the best box. 

·         Cardboard Material 

Cardboard material is ideal for storing and stacking lightweight products. This is because of the strength of the material on offer. This is the easiest material to obtain and the cheapest as well when considering making a packing box. 

·         Kraft Material 

Kraft is a material that offers more strength and rigidity than cardboard. However, there is a limit to the stiffness on offer. Thus, this material is ideal for making boxes that will hold items with a decent weight. However, the shiny look of these boxes offers a great look. 

·         Corrugated Material 

This is the material that most manufacturers love. It is because such a material makes boxes which hold heavy items. Thus, there is no problem to store decent and lightweight items at all. Moreover, such material has adequate thickness. It has two layers which have a soft material at the centre. 

Which Material is Ideal to Hold Shoes? 

Corrugated material is the best to make boxes for packing shoes. This is because such boxes can hold any amount of weight a product has. Thus, if you have a pair of shoes which have a good weight, there is no worry. 

Moreover, corrugated material makes Rigid Boxes that have only one responsibility. And that is to offer efficient thickness and rigidity. Rigidness keeps the box safe from heavy pressure and dropping. Thus, any item inside them will remain safe and sound for a prolonging usage. 

Your Customization Options 

Though boxes offer loads of customizations, however in the case of some boxes you do not have loads of choices. Such boxes especially have a uniform design and shape. Thus, you have the option to tweak them a little. 

·         Size 

Although the design is similar for all boxes that contain shoes. Still, you can alter the size of your box. This is a way to keep the budget good because it allows you to consume less material. Thus, for different ages, you can have different box sizes. 

·         Design 

The only design you can implement is a telescope design as well as a die-cut design. A telescope design has a top covering which you can remove completely. This gives you full access to the shoes. The die-cut design has the top portion connected at one side to the base part. 

·         Carrying Space 

A great addition which you can include in these boxes is to add a carrying space. This carrying space can be in the form of a ribbon at one of the sides. This allows you to carry them easily and without extra packing. Moreover, you can have a dedicated space on the top side. However, such a design in bulk will increase the packaging cost. 

·         Branding 

Apparel industries love to promote their brand as well as the product through packaging. For this, it is customary to add a brand logo as well as a trademark. A uniform pattern is seen in this regard too. Brands add their logo and trademark on the top side. Whereas they add product information along the sides. 

·         Finishing 

To make your box look royal, you can cover the box with a glossy or matte material. This will improve the overall look of your box. In essence, it will present your Shoe Boxes most attractively. 

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