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Unlimited Ways of Printing on Cardboard Boxes Packaging for a Great Product Display

To add extra finishing and the best art to your cardboard packaging, use high-quality printing. Corrugated sheets come in single, double, and even multiple-layer forms in cardboard boxes. Choosing cardboard boxes will be based on the excellent content. 

In terms of cardboard boxes as packaging materials, the material should be cost-effective.

Different reasons are hence present for printing on cardboard packaging and cartons. In most cases, cardboard wholesale boxes have been available for identification purposes. Other reasons are health, safety, legality, as well as consistent branding, and presentation. 

Various approaches and types of cardboard box printing exist. Let’s highlight a few below!

Digital Art Printing

A digital image can be reproduced in the printing style by digital printing. Our physical surfaces, such as files, plastic, paper, and photographic paper, will be readily accessible. You should use inkjet printers if you use some large format documents or print a high volume of documents. The type of impression to be manufactured on the paper can vary from time to time. The ink or toner may not absorb the paper so some layer will form on top. 

Offset Printing

In addition, to offset printing, custom cardboard box packaging also uses other printing methods. Plates are available for this type of amazing printing. Aluminium is hence also accessible in the making of these printing plates. 

This printing method involves transferring the form of inked images right on the main plate to some rubber blankets. It is then rolling the rubber blankets down onto some paper sheets. Thus, the blanket will conform to the main texture over the printing surface. As a result, the pictures produced by offset printing will be sharper. The result will be a high-quality image. Lithography or planographic printings are a few terms for this printing technology.


We have the name Flexography on the third spot! This has been a highly favourable form of printing for lightweight cardboard packaging. A few cardboard cheap boxes have been printed up with this procedure. It can be available as a packaging durable material as well.

Using the polymer material, create a copy of the 3D and add it to the flexo print.

Screen Art Printing

The final method is screen printing! Using stencils was the most popular method of printing to provide the images with a sharper, edgier impact. The screen thus consists of finely woven fabric; all stretched through an aluminium frame.

Graphical screen printing can hence also be used to create some larger sizes of graphical batches. This can be displayed over display stands and on posters. 


Thus, you can opt for different cardboard box printing approaches. But the best is the one that can help your brand to target more customers. Look for the latest trends and see what they are following in the printing artwork over the box packaging.

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