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The Apparel Industry Does Not Want You To Learn The Trick Behind Shirt Boxes!

Shirt Boxes Often it becomes difficult to begin research or write a review. But it becomes easier to judge how a product will benefit the lot. This is because some products require an effective outlook to do their trick. In life, you will experience a lot of products and goods that appear simple. But their importance has no boundaries. It is because their usage is so immense that users cannot afford to miss out on them. Breaking down, only a few industries make use of special yet simple packaging products. The apparel industry is one of these. 

Shirt Boxes have great demand in this industry since it is a great way to pack different shirts easily. Moreover, the diversity in the apparel industry allows only efficient and specific packing. This is to compete in the market since there are a lot of sellers and manufacturers. Hence, a good, unique, yet elegant box will offer the best help. From the basics of packaging in the apparel world to what you can do with your box.

Packaging and Apparel Brands 

When you consider a few different products, you will find many dissimilarities. It is because different goods constitute different elements. And hence their nature differs as well as their traits. They also differ in the packaging of goods they go into. For example, two dissimilar products cannot go into the same box. This will present an image of improper and poor packing. And this is what causes most brands to lose their customers swiftly. 

Shirts, for instance, have the most demand in the apparel industry. It is because the diversity in shirts makes them important for all occasions. Whether for a business meeting or a casual dinner with family. A shirt is a must if you want to look presentable. But all such scenarios arise when you buy and bring the shirt home. But from production to selling and to taking it home, a box is the only partner for these products. 

Hence, without proper packing, all you can do is stack your items. You cannot just hand them over to the customer. Or pack them in useless products to save money or present a packing. Most of the top brands spend bucks to get the best box for their products. This is because the advertising market is very narrow. And to succeed with your brand you need to have some fine products. In essence, a box helps you in this department too. 

Why Boxes?

Another common query that arrives in the minds of the people is why to use a specific product. At present, you have three primary packaging items i.e. boxes, paper bags, and plastic shoppers. These three materials present different traits as well as pose some loopholes too. 

  • A paper bag is nothing but a bag this is neither stiff nor strong. This is thin like air and cannot take up any item on its own. It means you have to carry the bag through your weight. It only offers a covering for your products. 
  • Plastic shoppers offer some safety but they too require you to take up the weight. They offer you handling spaces that you find amusing. But still, your fingers have to do the carrying.  Moreover, they do not offer complete coverage and neither any shape at all.
  • A box is the best friend of the packaging industry. It is because it offers stiffness, rigidity, as well as safety. Boxes have a firm shape however it depends on the materials you choose. Nonetheless, it is the best option to pack items. 

I Need to Have a Box for my Shirt, Which Material Should I Choose?

Often sellers and manufacturers do not keep the good in mind when making a covering for them. Sometimes they use lightboxes for heavy goods. And then the next thing they face is rejection. This is because your production becomes useless for the customers as well as the sellers. If you think similarly, take a short tour of different box materials. 

·         Cardboard 

It is the cheapest material available. Moreover, the availability is brilliant which makes their sales in bulk. However, a box from cardboard material offers the lowest stiffness. This means only the lightweight items will find space in these boxes. 

·         Kraft 

If you are looking for improvements from cardboard, you have kraft. This material is known for good or decent stiffness. However, their stiffness is lower than corrugated material. However, you can store and stack items with a decent weight in these boxes. 

·         Corrugated 

Corrugated material is known for its exceptional thickness. A single sheet of this material consists of three layers. The layer in the middle has a wavy pattern. This layer prevents damage to the product by offering a shield. Thus, you can easily pack all your heavy items in these boxes. 

Now considering that you want to pack shirt boxes, you can make use of kraft and corrugated materials. A shirt that is made up of cotton will easily go into the boxes made from kraft material. Whereas corrugated material makes boxes that can pack silk as well as polyester shirts easily. 

Box Customizations for Shirts 

The best thing you can do with your box is to design it the way you like. A box has to offer benefits but it empowers you to try your stylizing skills. In essence, you can adopt different methods to modify your packaging product. 

·         Design 

Although the apparel industry makes use of diverse designs for boxes. The boxes for shirts usually adopt a uniform design. It is a telescope or lid design. In this design, the top covering is separate from the base part. The base part houses the item whereas the top part offers to cover. 

·         Stiffness 

Since you can make use of different materials. Sometimes you require more strength and rigidity. For this, you can combine these materials to make a single box. The base part can be of corrugated material. Whereas the covering can be of kraft material. 

·         Size 

When packing a single item, the box size will be low in thickness. Whereas when packing multiple shirts, you will need a box with more thickness. This might seem complicated but with boxes, alteration is easy. 

·         Advertising 

With boxes, you can save a lot. All you need to do is decorate your box to present your brand and to advertise your product. For this, you can print your logo and product images. You can even add your product information too. 

·         Wrapping 

When sending boxes as a gift, it is easy to add a few extra touches to them. These include wrapping the boxes easily with gift paper. With a rigid shape, the wrapping looks elegant. Moreover, you can wrap your box for commercial reasons as well. This method includes wrapping the box in matte or glossy paper. 

·         Finishing 

Adding a few tweaks will always appease and appeal to customers. In finishing, you can give some designs on the box a 3D look. Or you can offer a ribbon which covers the box to improve your packing. 

Having Shirt Boxes is a great luxury. If you do not understand, try asking a few apparel brands regarding their importance. 

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