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Why Claws Cosmetic Boxes are Considered the Best

If you want to design Cosmetic Boxes. Then, select the design and quality corresponding to your brand. You must focus on its packaging. As it is the first element a customer checks in. from the appearance of the box, people judge the quality of products.

Importance of Custom Boxes for Cosmetics?

Cosmetics are delicate and expensive. Therefore brands focus on their packaging. The packaging is what the customers are excited about. A box makes the brand from down to upscale or reverse. So the brands emphasize the packaging companies to highlight their brand name and logo. It would help the customers in recognizing their brand products.

They want their packaging to stay in its original condition. The cardboard boxes should not fade in color. All the labeling and highlights must be prominent and easily read by the customers. The packaging must be unique so that people would associate them with the particular brand. Mostly those boxes include 3D images and shades. The display is made so attractive that users at first impression want to have them. So, they should be resigned purposely for this. Because a plain white or brown box is not capable of standing in the competition. People would never appreciate them. They are simple and blank. These boxes are not well labeled and described.

Secondly, the major reason to design such custom boxes for cosmetics is safety. The Delicate pallets and bottles are not strong to bear the jerks on their way to clients. So a perfect size with pockets is needed. These pockets or cases inside the box keep the product in a sealed form. The lids and caps of cosmetics won’t open. To keep further safe, some cosmetics come inside double packaging. This allows them a more protected version.

Benefits of Custom Cosmetic Boxes

Cosmetic products come in different measurements. Standard boxes have a typical size. So all the products can fit into the box. Some of them are smaller than the dimension of the box. Therefore, brands used to pay charges for the boxes that weren’t properly consumed by the products. When the box was large for the product. They filled extra paper cuttings or bubble wraps to secure the small product. The extra packaging was somehow wasted. And still, the brands had to pay for it.  It is necessary to contact custom box companies. For various shapes and measurements of the boxes.

  • Cost- effectiveness
  • Environment-friendly boxes

The custom box companies always make their packaging boxes with cardboard sheets. That is biodegradable in the environment. Also, they are particular in designing accurate-sized boxes for your product. It reduces the price of extra packaging.

  • Securing your products

Securing your products cosmetic products is delicate as they are mostly of glass material. The packaging won’t be loose. So your cosmetics would be safe from falling or rolling in the box. The product would reach its customer safely in its original form.

  • Brand awareness

The packaging further, determines the satisfaction of their customers. The company design the boxes with colors, designs, prints, and labeling. So that their customers are confident in buying products from their brand specifically. Also, it makes them stand in the completive market of cosmetics.

  • Effect on sale of cosmetics

If you pack the cosmetics in custom boxes. Then, they would look great. You can print beautiful images and designs. That would boost your product’s sales.

  • Attracting the customers

The boxes come in many forms. Like they are in window cut, flip lid boxes, casing boxes, etc. every style has its significance for the cosmetics.

Variation in Boxes for Cosmetics

This company has set up new standards of customization of boxes. They make them in various dimensions, shapes, materials, and colors. The features of the boxes are determined according to the specified cosmetic product. For example, these are the cosmetics that use custom packaging. 

  1. For lipsticks

They pack them in various boxes. Usually, they provide them with die-cut packaging boxes. The shade of the lipsticks is displayed on the boxes. So that customers can view the shade and but it according. They use color contrast in styling the boxes with shades. Further, they provide solid colors and a shiny texture to the box. Which represents the texture of the lipstick. They describe the details of the shade. Also, their consistency of them is mentioned in the box.

  • Eyeliners

They have two packaging for the eyeliners. That is for brush ones and stick ones. The stroke of the brush is printed with color. They have to die-cut style and lamination.

  • Eye shade packaging box

This cosmetic product needs to be visible to the customers. Therefore, they make a window cut. For the users to seek the colors of the pallet. Even, they provide a 3D image of the product on the boxes.

The Best Feature of Claws Custom Boxes Company


Raw materials used for making the boxes are of a great standard. Also, we use innovative designs for creativity. Our team keeps updated with the new trends in designs. These designs enhance the value of cardboard boxes. Further, the cardboard boxes are stable for transportation.

Environment Impact

Our boxes are safe from heat or other harsh environments. It will be in the same form as packed from the company to the customers.


Our boxes are economical for every brand to purchase. Because mainly our charges are on quality and product creativity.


Cosmetics are usually packed in light packaging. The cardboard used is strong but has less weight. So that they are still delicate to hold.


The outer look of custom cosmetic boxes matters also. You need to pick the most elegant designs for them.

Why choose Claws custom boxes packaging company

Our company has versatile boxes for almost all cosmetic products. Like lipstick boxes, foundation, eyeliner, etc. We have the best-graded cardboard and Kraft boxes. If you want to pack glittery palettes. Then we can make glittery and shimmery boxes for you. That would keep your products away from dirt and dust. The number of boxes you order would be delivered to you. As soon you request us for boxes. We would initially provide sample boxes. After a thorough examination. When you are fully satisfied. Then we would proceed with your full order. We deliver your order within ten days. The main objective of our company is to design with maintaining the standard boxes. We would take dimensions from you. And then we would make them with these sizes. For us our clients are respectable. We have software and tools for designing and for printed the boxes.

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